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Here we go through how we express our personality. All so that we together - Svenska Spel Corporate, Svenska Spel Tur and Svenska Spel Sport & Casino - can build a clear, entertaining and attractive Svenska Spel.

If you work with product brands, you can of course also be inspired by the tonality described here. This is especially true of the chapter "Some simple tips for writing".

Our values

A real friend

Our writing rules

Yippee! Isn't it your turn now?

We express ourselves so that everyone in Sweden understands what we do and why. And preferably in the most positive tone as possible - to emphasize that our mission is to provide joy and entertainment for all.

Used correctly, images are a powerful tool for expressing emotions. To bring life to who we are and what we stand for. Image manner describes the emotion our images should convey and provides practical guidelines for taking new images.

Our concepts

Yippee! Isn't it your turn now?

We have a lot of Svenska Spel-unique words and expressions. This list helps us to write them in the same way, for example, with capital letters and hyphens.

In order to meet all kinds of people, our messages and offers must always be easy to understand and absorb. That's why we are guiding and clear in our design.