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Way of thinking

Our brand platform is the foundation that describes the direction of our common brand. It explains why we exist, the position we strive for and how we should act and be perceived.

Svenska Spel's purpose

For the joy of everyone

At Svenska Spel, we want gambling to be enjoyable for everyone. For old and young (over 18, of course), for boys and girls, for sports clubs and society. This means that we want games to be useful even for people who do not gamble. That's why our surplus goes to sports and the state treasury. And that's why we also take great responsibility for the downsides of gambling.

People in front of an exciting match on TV.

How it affects our texts

We express ourselves so that everyone in Sweden understands what we do and why. And preferably with such a positive tone as possible - to underline that our mission is to provide joy and entertainment for everyone.

How it affects our design

In order to meet all kinds of people, our messages and offers must always be easy to understand and take in. That's why we are guiding and clear in our design.

All of Sweden's Gaming Company

Svenska Spel is for everyone. From Ystad to Haparanda. From Djursholm to Rosengård. Therefore we show the diversity of people, activities and places. As many as three million Swedes occasionally play, which means there are many great people to talk about as our customers.

Two men tipping in the sun outside a game shop.

How it affects our writing

Our offerings should feel accessible, attractive and interesting to the entire population of Sweden. That's why we express ourselves briefly, naturally and simply in a way everyone can understand.

How it affects our design

Everything we do is about people. All varieties - no matter where you live, what you do or what you look like - are just as important to us. Everyone should feel welcome at Svenska Spel. That's why we show ordinary people doing things that we humans do. And because games have the ability to build community, we like to show people doing things together.