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The Svenska Spel Design System is a standardized framework and set of guidelines for creating consistent and cohesive digital products within the Svenska Spel organization.

Our unified Design Language and System makes sure your design is consistent and professional on all digital platforms, which improves the user experience in every product. By using pre-defined design elements, you save time and boost productivity ultimately freeing up time for creative problem-solving instead of repetitive design work.

Latest updated components

Our ways of working

Our team follows the contribution process. The process may vary depending on the level of contribution.

Our Design Language

To deliver great user experiences in our products, it's important to have a good understanding of Svenska Spel's design language and approaches.

We create greater experiences with less by ensuring every detail has a purpose and we opt out of things that do not add any value.

Our toolbox

The core of our Design System, comprising essential components, patterns, and guidelines for cohesive product development.